Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 11-1-17

The temps have cooled off a bit, the water has finally receded somewhat, and Rockport is getting back to it’s feet from the storm in which has been great!

Easy limits of redfish have been the norm for the last couple of weeks, but I have not been on the water as much as I would have liked to have been.

Our regular duck season starts this weekend and all my blinds are rebuilt and ready for hunters! I’ve seen a few birds already and have been awaiting more to come down with the fronts we’ve been getting.

November is usually a great month in which to book a cast-n-blast because the duck hunting is good, and the fishing is better!

Give me a call, we’ll go get ‘em!


December is a great month in which to spend a little time on the bays and marsh in and around Rockport. The daytime temperatures are usually very tolerable, there is less boat traffic due to the holidays, the fish are fairly predictable, and there is some hunting to be had if you're a hunter.

Starting off with the weather; here in the Coastal Bend December weather is normally very pleasant. Daytime temps average around 65 degrees for the highs, and the lows around 50 degrees at night. Some days are cooler, some days are warmer, but nearly all days in December we are usually able to get out on the water in order to have a great day outdoors doing some of the stuff we love to do like fish and hunt.

With little to no boat traffic, fishing during December is a lot nicer because of not having to deal with so many people. For both trout and reds, fish the areas close to deep water. Darker bottoms such as a mud/shell or mud/grass bay bottoms should also be your preferred choice of areas in which to choose your fishing spots.

(Fish tend to hold to these type of bottoms during winter because the darker bottoms hold more heat than light colored bottoms such as sand.) The presence of baitfish in the area you choose to fish is also a must during this time of year.

While trout fishing, artificial baits work best during this month, if you like to wade, but both artificials and live bait will work for reds if that's the species you seek.

Only thing to keep in mind though is to slow your retrieve down while using artificial baits. If you prefer fishing with live bait, you still need to slow it down, or fish on bottom with some kind of weight. Typically though, while fishing on bottom, you're not goin to catch too many trout if trout is what you're seeking.

December in our area is also a very good month in which to get into some great duck hunting. Season normally opens in November, but the availability of lots of targets can be sparse due to the lack of cold weather across the country. Come December though, look out !!! We start seeing lots of birds due to the cold weather up north. There are so many different species of ducks that winter here it's hard to name them all, but you will find a smorgasbord here in which to choose from and test your wing shooting skills.

If you want a little bit of both, hunting & fishing in the same day (Cast-N-Blast) trips are a great experience where we hunt in the morning then fish soon as we get the decoys picked up!

Some great days out on the water can be had during the last month of the year. You can sleep late in the mornings before going fishing if you choose, or you can "get up before the chickens" and go do some duck hunting early, then fish the remainder part of the day after hunting because you're already there! Whichever you choose to do, I'm sure you'll have an enjoyable day in the outdoors here in the Rockport area.

One final note. With this being the last month of the year, I want to wish you, your family & friends, a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year! God bless us all, because if it was not for him, we would have nothing.

Until next time, Remember when the cards are down and the bet is called, you have your Ace in the Hole.


Capt. Brent Hopkins

MB 361-534-4007

In the last few days our water levels have come up considerably higher than what we've had here lately because of "Spring Tide". Every year in the spring and fall we get an influx of water in which floods our bay systems. So our sport fish have scattered somewhat and are on "the move".

Redfish have been really scattered but I've found that if I have the patience in a good spot I can do a whole lot better than moving from spot to spot. Limits of 12-15 keepers have been tough, but I've managed to do quite well by looking at what other fisherman are bringing to the docks. Black drum are also on the increase of showing themselves in my fishing area but then they are on the move as well heading further and further into the little nooks and crannies. The latter part of September and October has always been some of my greatest days fishing with the cold fronts coming in and the water cooling off. I still have several days in October yet to book and a couple days in September too if you're interested in getting on a fall trip.

Well summer 2015 is over and kids are back in school now. Over the last couple of weeks it's been fairly tough for me to catch reds ( in which I primarily fish for ) on a daily basis because of the calm wind conditions and very clear water. Most days I've been able to catch near limits, but it has not been very easy. Enough stress to drive a guide plumb crazy! 6-10 slot reds and maybe a couple black drum is all I've managed to bring to the docks. Frustrating for sure when I can see them and not get bit. With September rolling around things should pick up for me once again with being able to get some fronts in here and more wind.

The black drum are starting to show really good in the area I fish and it will be ON with both species before long. I'm tired of August, and glad the month is gone!

I know it's been way too long since you have seen a report from me due to many reasons, and I'm sorry to those of you that look forward to reading them. I was really busy during duck season, then soon as I was done with ducks, I had to go take care of hog & javelina hunters for nearly the whole month of February in which I was not around a computer much. Once my hog hunts were complete, I had to have hernia surgery which put me out of commission for a little while. Now that I've recovered for the most part and back home for good, I've started fishing once again.

Over the last couple of weeks my clients and I have been doing awesome on the redfish! It's taken me some very careful thinking to put my clients on fish due to them not being all over the place, but when I find them, we've been whack'n them making for easy limits! Most fish have been really good fish (over 25 inches). We've also been able to add some over sized fish too! The weather has been great with cool mornings warming up by about mid morning.

I've also been able to find a few black drum, but they have not been real consistent staying where I find them day to day. Look for the redfish bite to improve once mid April arrives. Looking back into my notes, during this time frame fishing (catching) seems to go bonkers with being able to find reds all over the place no matter where I decide to go fishing for the day. Our trout bite should improve too once we stop getting cold fronts in which always shuts that bite down this time of year.

I still have quite a few dates available in April if you would like to get in on some line stretching, hard pulling redfish. Give me a call or email, and I'm sure we can get something figured out to get you on the water.

Until next time,

Remember when the cards are down and the bet is called, you have your Ace In The Hole

Fishing Report Sept.15, 2012

As I sit here and right this fishing report, we are about to get our second cold front of the year. I just looked at my rain gauge and it's showing that I recieved 1" here at my place in the last 24 hours or so. I know there has been more rain up the country, and I know we're all grateful for it.

As for the fishing around here in the Rockport area, I've still been concentrating on mainly redfish due to the slow trout bite. It's not that there are no trout, but there being so many little ones and hard to find keeper sized fish that clients want to keep and take back with them. Until I see that our trout bite has picked up, I will stay with the redfish and occasional black drum that I find in the back lakes & flats.

The reds have been fairly easy for me to limit my clients out by about noon or so. Sometimes it's been earlier than noon, and sometimes a little bit later.

Sizes of the fish have been good with the average fish being in the 25" range give or take, but overall some really good fish. My preferred bait has been mullet, but when I clean the fish for my clients I've noticed just about every kind of bay creature in the stomachs of the reds. I've seen lots of perch, crabs, worms, and shrimp in which they have consumed before I caught them.

I'm excited about tomorrow morning's teal hunt, and it should be a good one if this front "blows" in the birds like it did last week. When I was fishing last Sunday there were teal everywhere and I even saw a few pintails and widgeon. I'm definetly ready to hear a few volleys and get a little change of pace from just fishing alone. While I'm on the subject of birds, the South Zone dove season opens up next weekend and I still have plenty of room for those of you that would like to get in on a dove hunt or maybe even a Cast-N-Blast where we fish in the morning then hunt that afternoon for doves.

Until next time,

Remember when the cards are down and the bet is called, you have your Ace In The Hole.

Fishing Report 7/1/12

It's been a while since I've sent out a fishing report I know. I'm sorry to those of you that look forward to seeing them in your email, and grateful that you do so! Here lately it seems that I just haven't had the time, or the energy after fishing,to sit down and send out the thousand or so reports that it takes to get the fishing reports out to everyone. I've been on the water nearly every day since the first of April, and once I make it in from the days charter, there has been so much other work to get caught up on around here that tends to business and just general life. It sounds like I'm making an excuse, and I guess I am in a way, but getting the reports out to you have been on my mind and you have not been forgotten!! So here it goes!

We have had some really high water here in the Rockport area that has driven me crazy some days over the last couple of weeks, but we have also had a little rain that I have welcomed (even if I had to cancel a trip or two). With this high water the redfish have scattered on me and most have moved to parts unknown by me because I can't seem to find a good concentration of them on a daily basis. So with that being said, I've been mainly trout fishing for the last couple of weeks. I usually like high water conditions for trout, but this go round seems to have me stumped why I can't catch a better box of trout on the reefs or in the flats while fishing from the boat. Most of my charters I've been averaging around 10-20 keeper fish while fishing in the boat, but having my clients wade fish the shorelines has been a lot better as for putting a quality box of fish together. In fact, my clients made ONE WADE the other morning, missing their limit of 40 trout by two! Other wading trips have been good too, but we've had to make more than just one or two wades to catch a good box of fish.

By far, live croaker are working better than artificials right now, and they will continue to do so until we get into fall and cooler temps. We have a lot of bait in the bay and it's tuff to catch keeper trout right now on artificial baits during the heat of summer, but we have been able to do a decent job of catching a few fish to take home while throwing artificials. If my past years notes hold true, our redfish left for parts unknown last year about the same time and should "show" back up come mid to late July. Just in time for when our trout bite slows a bit due to the mid day hot sun heating things up and the lack of wind. Today, I took my first redfishing trip in nearly two weeks and we did OK. We caught enough fish to make me feel the trip worth while and I saw decent numbers of fish, but fighting that full moon is something else! We'll still be able to fish for trout during July & August, but we'll have to get them early before daytime temps get too hot. Most days during late July & August, unless my clients choose to fish only for trout, I'll be concentrating mainly on redfish due to the excessive heat, lack of wind (and rain) that shows up during this time of year. We all need to pray that the little rain that we've had over the last few months keeps it up through the summer.

I still have a couple of days yet to book in July to be "sold out" for the month, but I have a lot of days open in August if you would like to get in a fishing trip with the kids before school starts back up again. August is typically a pretty good month to fish, but you have to get on them early.

Until next time,

Remember when the cards are down and the bet is called, you have your Ace In The Hole.

Fishing Report 4-1-12

Finally another fishing report for you to read up on what's going on around here fishing wise. Sorry that I've been a little slow in getting another out to you.

Just about the only game in town here lately has been redfish for most of us guides and maybe a few other fish in the box to boot. I don't know about other guides, but limits of redfish have been fairly easy for me and my clients. Over Spring break and this last week, I have been able to get my clients onto their limits reaching the 15 & 18 keeper fish limits. Talk about a box full of redfish!!

There have been a few black drum caught, but they are not everywhere like the redfish. Here one day and gone the next they are, but gone seems to be more like it. The black drum have been so slow for me that I'm not even buying shrimp to catch them just in case I should find them, BUT I always have some Fish-Bites on board just in case I do.

Trout have also been slow in the numbers game, but there are some really good fish over the 25" mark along the barrier islands in the flats. It takes a lot of wading and a lot of patience though to get these bigger fish to hit. Topwaters and larger plastic baits have been the best baits to catch these larger trout in less than two feet of water. Mid to late April should get our trout bite going at a better clip because of the upcoming spawn & warmer water temps. Still it will be too early for craoker, but artificial baits will be working better during this time of year due to the water warming and getting the trout moving more.

If you're looking for redfish, normally April just don't get any better in stacking up the filets for a good fish fry & getting your line stretched!!. I still have about half of my April dates open if you would like to give me a try at getting you on limits of reds, or for those of you that have fished with me before to get in a good trip.

As for my May available dates, I still have about half of the month yet to book too. Live croaker should be in season by the middle part of the month if you're looking to get in on a good trout fishing trip. May is usually one of the better months for easy trout bites so long as the wind isn't blowing a gale. Redfish will also be plentiful too during May in case we can't fish for trout due to the high winds.

Until next time,

Remember when the cards are down and the bet is called, you have your Ace In The Hole.

Fishing Report 2-1-12

Our duck season finally came to a close this past Sunday. Overall my clients and I had a great season. Looking forward to next year now!

Fishing has been a little slow around here as for fishing trips booked, but I've been running a few the last couple of weeks. I have not fished for trout at all, but there have been a few trout brought to the cleaning table for supper by some other anglers I've seen. There is no bait available at the bait stands, so I know the trout are biting on artificials. Redfish are our staple this time of year and they have been fairly easy for me to catch due to our low water condtions, few baitfish in the bays, and very little boat traffic. The reds seem to be holding a bit deeper than normal in the flats, and are also holding in the deepest part of the lakes over muddy bottoms due to our low water levels. Mullet or "Fish Bites" have been the best natural baits for reds, but they have also been eating plastic swim tail baits well too.

For the next month I will primarily be at the ranch with my hog & javelina hunters taking care of them, but I do have a couple of fishing trips to take care of during February. If you're looking for a fun hunt with your kids, I still have some room for those of you that might like to get one more hunt in before summer. I would also like to mention that for those of you that are wanting to book some early Spring fishing trips, now is the time to start thinking about giving me a call. My available dates are starting to fill up for Spring Break and the weekends during March are going fast too.

Until next time,

Remember when the cards are down and the bet is called, you have your Ace In The Hole

Fishing Report 12-01-10

It's hard to imagine another year has nearly gone by, but we're just around the corner from it!!

I hope everyone had a safe and great Thanksgiving holiday. I took a few days off from work and visited my folks back in my hometown. The food was good, and so was the visiting with all my family, but it didn't take long for the two days that I had taken off to pass right on by before I had to come back to Rockport and go back to work for a couple of days until our first split of duck season closed down.

The duck hunting & fishing was great for me and my clients the latter part of November. Limits of ducks & redfish were the norm, along with a few trout & black drum when I fished for them. Now that our duck season is closed until Dec. 10th, things have slowed for me until duck season once again opens back up. Mullet has been very easy to catch for bait in the deeper channels and that is what I've been using for my redfish. Trout have been fair on plastics & topwaters while either drifting or wade fishing, but the days worth fishing for them have been few because of the weather.

I still have a couple days available in December for any of you that would like to get in a duck hunt, a cast-n-blast, or maybe just a fishing trip before the end of the year. I also have plenty of days available in January for those of you that can't get away until then too.

Since this will probably be my last report for 2011, I want to take the time now to say thank you for your business over the past years, be you a new client, or a long-time client, and or friend of mine. I appreciate you all, and look forward to having you back!! Shirl & I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Until next time,

Remember when the cards are down and the bet is called, you have your Ace In The Hole.

Fishing Report 9/15/2011

I thought we were going to keep things cooled down a bit last week with that little front we had blow into our area, but it looks like we'll have to wait a while before we get another one though. The front did however cool our waters off somewhat, and push a few ducks down into our area, but still no rainfall which we all desperately need. Ever since we recieved that front last week, and once the north winds quit gusting, we've had calm to very little wind conditions every day which has made fishing a little tough. Wind helps us out dramatically here in Rockport to catch fish, plus it helps keeps us anglers cool.

Trout have been good to fair on live piggies and croaker, with an average box of 15-30 keepers at the end of most trout fishing days. Live croaker are soon to be gone though due to their size being too large to fish with for the average angler. Trout have been on the reefs for most part in the deeper cooler waters, while the shorelines have been spotty unless fishing on a steep break going into deeper water. Once our water cools a bit more as we get more cold fronts, our shoreline fishing will turn back on for trout.

Redfish have been good to fair also the last week or so once the wind starts to blow a little. The very light winds to calm conditions until noon make it tough to get close enough to catch redfish in shallow water while fishing in the boat. Still limits to near limits of reds for my clients when I target them, but just not as fast a limit as I'm used to catching them. Best bait has still been live mullet for me.

Our early teal season is now open and I've been seeing quite a few birds around the area for those of you that might like to add a duck hunt before your fishing trip. Early teal season runs Sept. 10-25 !!!!

Also our dove season opens up next week starting on Sept. 23rd if any of you are interested in doing some dove hunting along with a fishing trip. Call for info!!!

Just released from the feds the other day....

Our General Duck Season!!! Season runs Nov.5-27, Dec.10 thru Jan 29. Bag limits same as last year being six, and they also kept the 2 bird limit of 2 pintail as well. I recieved an email the other day from DU, and overall the numbers are up for all birds except for widgeon which was down by apx 20%. I look for an exceptional duck season here on the coast since there is little water up to our north for the birds because of the drought.

We need to keep all of those affected by the fires last week in our prayers while praying for rain. A lot of people lost most of what they owned in several fires around the Austin & Bastrop areas last week, and we won't be "outta the wood work" until most of Texas recieves several inches of rain.

Until next time,

Remember when the cards are down and the bet is called, you have your Ace In The Hole.

Fishing Report 6-1-2011

I hope everyone had a enjoyable and safe Memorial Day Weekend. I thank all of those that have served in our armed forces and died for their country, so that others may live free. I also want to apologize for not getting around to posting a report the middle of May. Biz has been plum crazy for me the last month.

The wind has blown most of May, with the exception of just a couple of days, but my charters have still been really successful. In June the wind usually lays quite a bit and I'm looking forward to it.

Croaker are now in season and the trout have been hitting them making it easier for me to put my clients on a nice box of trout to take home. The fish are in really good shape and are good size averaging about 16 to 20 inches, but we desperately need some rain to keep things going for our trout bite. Fishing the outside beaches with hard sand & grass have been good because of the spawn, along with drifting the flats on the days that the wind has been too high to fish the beaches. Wade fishing has been good too with also producing the better quality of fish. Average catches have been anywhere's from 15 keeper trout up to the 40 mark.

Redfish have been great for me and limits of anywhere's from 6 to 15 slot reds have been easy all month long except for a few days a week or so ago due to the higher tides we were having which really scattered the fish. Just this week the water level has come down a bit making a whole lot easier to get back on them. It is amazing at how many redfish are out there!! My bait of choice for reds has been mullet, but they have been hitting croaker a little if you can get it in front of them after going trout fishing.

This kind of action should hold for the next couple of months until we once again reach the month of August when mother nature really turns on the stress level for both man and beast. My June is nearly full, but I still have a few days left in June yet to book. My July is a little more open though if you would like to get in on some fishing with me before August gets here.

Until next time,

Remember when the cards are down and the bet is called, you have your Ace In The Hole.

Fishing Report 4-01-2011

Redfish!! Redfish!! Redfish!! Does that mean anything to you?

Redfish have been great to awesome for me and my clients ever since the start of Spring Break. Limits have been almost easy every day I have been on the water. It seems the reds are everywhere I look and/or fish. I haven't exactly liked the weather all that well because it's been cloudy and cool for the last two weeks, but that hasn't dampened my spirits none. Rest assured the temps will be on the rise here soon and I can lose this jacket I've been wearing for a while. Black drum are also around but they seem to be on the move daily and hard to find with any kind of consistency in the area I'm fishing. The trout bite has also been slow, but then again it always is this time of year. I did catch a few trout over Spring Break, but I really had to cover a lot of water, and weed through a lot of little ones in order to put a few in the box.

I still have several dates open in April & May if you would like to get in on some real line stretching redfishing action in the near future. With what I'm seeing right now, I look for this kind of action to stay with us through May. Trout fishing should also pick up in May once the cold fronts cease to make it this far down south.

Until next time,

Remember when the cards are down and the bet is called, you have your Ace In The Hole.

Capt. Brent Hopkins

Fishing Report 11-25-2010

I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving while traveling and spending time with loved ones. I can't believe we're already nearing the end of another year!!!

Fishing conditions here have improved considerably in the last couple of weeks and we have had very little boat traffic due to factors I can't figure out, but I love it!!. We have been having some great tidal flow and the water has cooled off quite a bit. Redfish have been fairly easy most days, but there have been a few days here this past week that were tough on me and my clients. But then again, there have been some banner days too!. Just about any bait you want to throw has been working including soft plastics, but the most productive bait has been mullet. Trout fishing has also improved considerably while wade fishing the sharp breaks, mud/grass and scattered shell bottoms while throwing soft plastics. Topwaters have been productive when we have some strong incoming tides and nervous mullet. Live shrimp has been producing trout when fished under a popping cork over the reefs up in our northern territory. To boot, there has been a ton of black drum up north on the reefs for those of you that like to go after them.

On the duck hunting side of things, hunting was very good prior to the warming trend we had last week which shut things down quite a bit. With this last cold front we've received a lot more birds and we have had some great hunts. Look for our duck hunting to get even better as we near the second half of the split season. The second season opens up on Dec. 11 for those of you that want to get into some great wingshooting after doing some deer hunting.

Until next time,

Remember when the cards are down and the bet is called, you have your Ace In The Hole

Fishing Report 10-01-10

It's been a while since you have received a report from me and I'm sorry. I've been really busy and time seems to get away from me quicker these days!!

We finally had a decent cold front in the area which has really helped me and my clients fishing efforts. I love fall weather with the mild temps and low humidity!! We also received some much needed rain here a week ago that helped cool our bay waters, but with so much rain (15 inches here in Rockport in 2 days), quite a few of our back bays are fresh due to the runoff. Our tides have been good, and the water levels have been extremely high, but now the water is starting to recede which has equated to some good catches being what the currents have been and concentrating the fish a little more.

I've been concentrating my efforts mainly in the flats because of numerous reasons, but the main reason is due to the high water. The trout and redfish have been fairly easy for me to find and catch most days, but there have been a few days that have had me stressed out because of the full moon this week. Thank goodness the full moon is waning now! Croaker are getting a little big for most of my clients to fish with, so I've switched over to piggies and they are working great. Limits of reds have been easy for me most days mixed in with some nice trout while drifting the flats. Redfishing with mullet has also been good to great for me too while anchored up in the boat. Wade fishing has been producing some great catches while using live bait and artificial. Look for the fishing to really pick up here in the next couple of weeks or so once we start to get cold fronts on a regular basis.

On the dove hunting side of things....the rain we have had since season started up really scattered the birds that were here. Once most of the fields are dry and with more fronts on the way south, look for our dove hunting to regain momentum!!

The regular rifle deer season will be here before you know it. I still have some available deer hunts to sell. I have buck hunts and I also have some day hunts for meat available. Buck hunts start out at $2000, and I also have day hunts for does and spikes only at $500 for 2 deer in the Blanco area. If any of you are interested, please feel free to call me on the phone to get more info.

Until next time,

Remember when the cards are down and the bet is called, you have your Ace In The Hole.

Fall and winter is just around the corner and a lot of us are gearing up for the different hunting seasons soon to be upon us. We have had some beneficial rains across the nation and conditions look real promising for the upcoming hunting seasons. I've spoken to my landowners and we already have a lot of doves in my area, and it's looking like we're going to have an exceptional year for waterfowl and deer hunting too in South Texas.

Texas early TEAL SEASON is SEPT 11-26 if any of you are interested in getting out a doing a cast-n-blast with me next month. I've seen a few flocks around while I've been on my fishing charters in the mornings, and I look for more birds to show up being that we've already had a "cold front" pass thru this week. The weather is very nice and there is usually less boat traffic "pressure" on the bay while fishing.

DOVE SEASON in the SOUTH ZONE is SEPT 17 - OCT 31 for those of you that like to dove hunt. I'm looking forward to a great season on this new lease I acquired this year. I offer hunting alone, morning or afternoon hunts, and/or cast-n-blast trips for doves. On my combo trips we fish in the morning until noon, then head for the dove lease right after fishing. Really makes for a great and eventful day!!

The feds have yet to set our waterfowl seasons as of now. It shouldn't be long before they have the dates set though. I've heard that "the hatch" has been great up north this year and there are a ton of birds that will be headed our way soon. For those of you that have never given duck hunting a try in the Rockport area, you're in for a big surprise I think. You should give some thought to getting out and trying it sometime. The fishing can be awesome too during this time frame of year after a great morning of duck hunting.

DEER SEASON in the SOUTH ZONE is NOV 6 - JAN 16. South Texas has been blessed with a lot of rain this year and the country shows it!! It has been very green and a ton of browse and good nutrients for the deer this year. The trail cams show some exceptional growth of antlers and there are going to be some mighty impressive bucks hitting the ground with stories of the hunt to last a lifetime. I still have some deer hunts to sell if any of you are interested.

Call or email me for further details if you would like to book a trip or need more information on my hunting or combos.

I look forward to having you back enjoying time spent with the great Texas hunting & fishing we have here in South Texas.

Fishing Report 8/15/10

I do believe summertime is here!! Over the last two weeks it has been almost miserable after 11am out on the water because of the heat and lack of wind thus hampering me and my client's ability to catch fish. These kind of conditions calls for a very early start to my fishing trips before the fish "shut down" in order to get fish on the hook. My best bite has been the first two hours of daylight, then the bite takes a sharp downward spiral from there. Redfish have been AWESOME for me and my clients while fishing mullet anchored up, and while drifting (IF we have the wind) using live croaker. The trout bite has been very slow in the bay since the first of the month. Wade fishing for trout has been just about the only way to fish for them here lately due to the lack of wind in order to drift fish other than the surf. I have managed to get my clients on a few trout if they insist in fishing for them though. The surf is holding some trout, but it has not been a slam dunk out there either a lot of days. With the surf being the way it is, I've been getting on my fish early in the bay for a "sure thing", and not taking the chance of making the long run all the way out to the surf for a "hope to get on them" type thing. I've yet to find a client willing to turn down limits of some real line stretching reds early, than in taking the chance of going after trout, be it in the bay or the surf.

I believe the trout bite will pick up once we start to get some cooler weather, and so will the reds (That is IF it can get any better!)

Capt. Brent Hopkins

Fishing Report 7/1/10

I hope everyone had an enjoyable & safe 4th of July weekend. Hurricane Alex has come and gone now from our Texas coast. The storm brought some much needed rainfall all across the state without much harm from high winds or extreme flooding in most hard hit areas. Hurricanes in our area bring with them some high tides which flush bays and marshes adding life to our waters. During the incoming surge of water, the trout fishing was great prior to the storm with limits coming fairly easy. Once the storm made land fall, and now with the water levels going down, the red fish have come "un-glued" in the last couple of days or so!! Trout are still being caught but it's not quite as easy as last week. I still have a few days to book in the month of July if you're interested in fishing with me in the near future, and catching both trout and reds should continue to be good to great until the first part of August when the reds will once again take the front seat instead of the back because of the normally lower tides and daytime temps. Best baits for me have been live croaker for trout and reds while wading or drifting, and mullet while strictly red fishing.

Until next time, Remember when the cards are down and the bet is called, you have your Ace In The Hole

Fishing Report 6-1-10

Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend. My heart, gratitude, and prayers for their families, go out to those who have served in our military and have paid the ultimate price for our country. Without their sacrifice, our country would not be where, or who, it is today.

The winds have laid down here in Rockport for the most part over the last two weeks. The fishing, or lets say the catching, has been fantastic for me and my clients. I have been very pleased with my charters, be it trout fishing or red fishing.

There have been some nice trout coming to the docks on live croaker. Boat fishing and wading has been very good, but the wade fishing has taken top honors with me. Aransas Bay & Corpus Bay seem to be holding the most fish right now and all the normal places, or "names" seem to be holding trout. Sand and grass have been my target structure with an incoming tide. Wind direction and velocity has dictated where I've been fishing. With the light winds we've been experiencing I've had many places to choose from to say the least.

The reds have been in the normal places I tend to find them in this time of year, but the areas with shell seem to be holding the larger numbers however. Live croaker are working on them also, but cut mullet has been my preferred bait. Limits of slot sized fish, with a maybe an over-sized mixed in, have been very easy most days when I've concentrated on the reds.

My available dates in June are fast filling up, but I still have about 10 days yet to fill before I'm booked solid. If you would like to book a day fishing with me during this month, I suggest giving me a call ASAP and we'll see what we can get worked out.

On another note, I've been asked by a lot of people if the BP oil disaster in Louisiana has been effecting my fishing waters. The answer is no. We all need to pray this leak is stopped very soon though. Our neighboring states are being affected by it, and we all are going to suffer in many different ways if the leak is not stopped soon.

Capt. Brent Hopkins

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Fishing Report 05-16-10

The Fish and Hunt USA crew joined Capt. Brent Hopkins for a day of fishing in Rockport, Texas. The bite was a bit slow, but we managed to get a lot more than most people brought to the docks that day. Captain Brent Hopkins was patient and educational with my young crew. Good times!

Fishing Report 04-15-10

The wind has really been blowing the last couple of weeks here, so the trout fishing has been pretty spotty overall. Croakers are now large enough to use in my opinion, but just having them on the hook does not guarantee that you'll be able to catch them due to rough bays and dirty water. Wading has been best because you can hug the shorelines and stay in more fishable/cleaner waters.

Since very few trout have been showing up at the cleaning tables, I've been concentrating more on redfish and the bite has been phenomenal on my boat!!! Limits of slot sized reds have been very easy every day for my clients, along with some over-sized reds a few days out of the week. 9 to 15 slot sized reds in the cooler looks a might more impressive than a dozen trout or so. Especially when the average red kept is 25"!!!

Until the winds subside, I'm going to stay with the reds for now. If you're looking for some real line stretching fun and are interested in catching some quality reds, I still have some dates open in which to fill in the coming weeks.

Until next time,
Capt. Brent Hopkins

Fishing Report 04-15-10

We finally received some much needed water (higher tides) in the bays this week along with a little rain. Trout fishing has been very spotty, but the redfish have been nothing short of spectacular for me this last week! I've heard of a few trout being caught up north and around Mud Island while either throwing live shrimp under a pop'n cork, or by wade fishing the shorelines and throwing artificials. It's a hit or miss thing right now though for trout. The bigger fish have been coming off of topwaters and slow sinking baits like the Corky. Plastics have also been working if you're in the fish and wanting more hook-ups.

Redfish however have just been hammering cut mullet and perch. It's been very hard for me to pull off of the reds and go for trout being that I'm on the reds so well. It's a lot of fun for people with a big red tied to the end of their line! Limits of reds have been fairly easy for me and my clients almost every day. The majority of them have been around the 23" to 25" class, but I have also had my share of those over 25" along with a few oversized.

May is the month we start seeing croaker at the bait stands for those of you that like to fish with them. I'm looking forward to seeing what our trout population "really is" here in the Rockport area if the winds subside and let us fish where we need to be fishing during that time frame of year. The last two years here has been pretty bad as for trout, but it's really shaping up to be a good year this year because of the rain and I'm so looking forward to it. I still have quite a few days open in May for those of you that want to get away and do some fishing. Be it red fishing or trout fishing, I'm sure I'll be on them and ready to put you in my Ace In The Hole.

Capt. Brent Hopkins

Fishing Report 2-15-10

For the last couple of weeks I have not been on the water at all because I have been running my annual hog and javelina hunts since duck season closed on January 24th. The hog hunts were a success for the most part, but we could have used a little less rain, fog, and cold during the hunts. February has been a little rough down here in South Texas so far, but not quite as bad further up the country where there has been snow, cold, and ice it seems on a regular basis.

Since returning home from my hog hunts on Feb. 10, I have run a few fishing trips however. Redfish and black drum have been my target fish since the cold doesn't bother them quite as bad as it does our speckled trout. Cut mullet and dead shrimp fished on bottom has been the best way of catching fish because the water is cold and we have had very little sunshine. I have been starting my fishing trips later in the day and fishing until nearly dark since that is the warmest part of the day and the fish move up into the shallows to feed. I've been concentrating my efforts over mud/shell and mud/grass mixed bottoms since the darker bottoms hold more heat.

Spring is just around the corner and I'm looking forward to some warmer temps, as I'm sure you are too. Spring Break will be here before you know it along with some warmer, nicer weather, and the fish will be readily biting. I still have plenty of days available for those of you that would like to get out and enjoy some sunshine in March while catching some fish after the boredoms of winter we have all endured. Late Spring and Summer time can't get here fast enough if you ask me!

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Capt. Brent Hopkins

The rain and cooler temps here in Rockport have been great, along with the redfish bite. Limits of reds have been the norm on my boat the last couple of weeks except for an occasional day or two. Best catching days though have come when we have had a steady north wind. Those reds love a north wind this time of year. The reds have been averaging 22" to 26" making a box full of fish look even better! Best bait for me has been topwaters and cut mullet. The drum I have been on all summer seem to have up and vanished on me though for the last week or so. Maybe once we lose a little bit of water they will show back up. We'll see. Trout fishing is still very slow around here in Rockport.

My charters up to POC while fishing for the larger bull reds have been good. My clients have been averaging about 10 or so a day which makes for some great picture taking and sore stomachs. The largest one we caught last week measured out at a whopping 48"!!! If you're wanting to do this trip this year, you better get on the ball now. These fish will be gone by mid November.

For you duck hunters, this morning while out fishing I saw several flocks of redheads, pintails, teal, and a few widgeon. I still have dates open in my calendar for those of you that might like to do a cast-n-blast in the next month or so. I'm really looking forward to "pop'n a few caps" in the next couple of months.

Until next time,
Remember when the cards are down and the bet is called, you have your Ace in the Hole.

Fishing Report 10-8-09

We have finally received some much needed rain here in Rockport over the last couple of weeks or so. No doubt we needed it in the worst way. The cool front a couple of weeks ago was a welcome change from the blazing heat we had been enduring. It made temps so much more pleasant than those 100 degree days while out on the water. Our next front, which is pushing through as I type this, is bringing more rain and cooler temps again. Trout fishing has still been on the slow side. Redfish and drum on the other hand has been nothing short of very good to great for me with the exception of last week when we had some very high tides and a full moon making our fishing a little tough for those few days or so. Limits of reds and or drum have been the norm with the exception of a few of my trips. Mullet have been the bait of choice for the reds while fishing the potholes, shell beds, and shorelines. Topwaters and live piggies fished under corks while drifting the flats have been producing a few trout and near limits of reds so I've heard from my buddies that fish there normally. Once our water cools a little more our fish should get the hint and start moving into fall fishing patterns.

Also those of you that have trips booked with me and are wondering about the bull reds I fish for during October, they are there I think but not "really thick" right now. I went a couple of times last week and caught enough to actually call the trip a success but it was not up to "my standards". I think part of my problem of not slaying them last week is due to the lack of current and the full moon. Rest assured though, they are there and it will get better once we lose this full moon and our tide times change just a little.

For those of you that are wondering about duck & dove hunting, and from what I can see right now, it's shaping up to be a good season. I'm already seeing quite a few ducks in the marsh and we're not even very far into October yet. The bays and marsh are chock full of feed for the ducks and we have some fresh water around now that the rains have came which is good for holding more ducks.

As for the dove hunting side of things, I've picked up a new place that has been very good to me and my clients over the last week. This new place of mine is located near Alice, has fields all around it, and right smak dab in the middle of my place is a watering hole that the doves are hitting before going to roost. The doves are flocking to it late evenings and the shooting has been great!!

If you're wanting to get into some of this action, (be it fishing or bird hunting) and have not got a trip booked with me you should give me a holler and see what we can get worked out. There is a lot less boat traffic on the water now and I still have some dates available to book. I'm always looking forward to seeing my regular clients and those of you that just see me once in a while, or meeting you for the first time for those of you that have never hired me as your guide.

Until next time,
Remember when the cards are down and the bet is called, you have your Ace in the Hole.

Fishing Report 9-01-09

This week we have had some good tidal flow and some much needed higher tides overall. Still no rain but my hopes of getting some are closer. The Farmer's Almanac predicts us to have a wet winter and for it to start raining in September. I will welcome the rains as much as the other person I assure you.

With the higher tides we have seen our trout bite pick up somewhat here in Rockport, but it's not a slam dunk either. With this being said I have still been concentrating on redfish in the back lakes and shallow flats. Limits have been very easy most days and a little tougher others. Redfish limits daily have been the norm though with some black drum mixed in IF I can get them to eat and stay "put". Best baits for the reds have been live mullet and cut mullet fished along the breaks and in the potholes. Drum of course are eating fresh dead shrimp.

Our trout bite should pick up once we start to get some cooler temps in here around mid September. This sounds crazy to me being that I have been limiting on reds nearly every day, but our redfish bite will also pick up considerably once September gets here.

If you're a duck hunter and wanting to do some early teal hunting give me a holler. Believe it or not I have actually seen a few flocks of teal already up in the marsh.On top of all this dove season is just around the corner and I'm booking hunts if you're interested. With the lack of rain I'm sure the dove hunting will be awesome once it opens up in the south zone.

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Fishing Report 7-20-09

Sorry guys and gals for taking so long to let you know what's going on down this way. I've been just a tad bit busy, plus having family over for the better part of week last week kept my hands full sort of speak.

Still no rain, hot temps, high winds, and some very low tides here in the Rockport area right now. (The last 4 or 5 days the winds have not blown too hard though)

Trout fishing has been pretty slow here in Rockport due to the conditions.

There has been some trout action south of Rockport, but the redfish action has been superb to excellent close to home!! Limits of slot reds (along with some oversized reds some days) before noon has been very easy for my clients the last couple of weeks. Add to that I have been on some black drum that are easy to catch after we get through catching our redfish most days. Needless to say my clients have been very happy coming back to the dock with the ice chest so full of keeper fish that the lid has a hard time staying closed! I see no reason why these fish should go anywhere in the next month or so too. Actually, the red fishing should only get better as we go into September. So if you're looking for some hard fighting fish, and not being wore smooth out from working a trout rod all day, give me a shout and we'll go get 'ya some big reds !!!

Until next time,
remember when the cards are down and the bet is called, you have your Ace in the Hole.

Fishing Report 6-1-09

Finally, here about 2 weeks ago, the wind decided to quit blowing so durn hard making our trout bite really turn on because of the green water and higher tides. Limits have been almost easy for me while wade fishing the outside beaches with sand & grass. Boat fishing for trout has been good too, but I can't seem to "get away" from wading right now. By far the best bait going is live croaker. The trout have been hammering them to say the least! I have had some really nice mornings too throwing topwaters for trout where I find a lot of nervous bait while bunched up together real tight like.

Since the wind quit blowing and we finally got our bull tide in here, I have not been red fishing at all for the last week or so. Prior to the winds dying, my clients were having some exceptional days catching limits of reds in the back lakes though. I'm sure the reds are still there, but trout fishing has been a welcome change of pace for me and I'm sticking to the trout for now.

Until next time,
Remember when the cards are down and the bet is called, you have your Ace in the Hole.

Fishing Report 4-15-09

We are still getting cold fronts on a regular basis with some beneficial rains "up north" for the most part. During this time of year, cold fronts set our trout bite back just a little further so long as they keep coming. So with that being said, our trout bite has not been worth a darn the last two weeks. But rest assured, the trout bite will be ON here in the next couple of weeks or so I believe. A few trout have been caught on soft plastics if you're fishing during the time they decide to feed and are willing to get out of the boat and wade fish. With the trout bite being so slow I have still been concentrating on redfish & black drum. I was told last week by a friend of mine, "if it ain't broke don't try and fix it", and that's what I have been doing. Both reds & drum have been eager to bite live or dead bait. Like my last report, it depends on the conditions as to which bay I decide to fish. One bay holds more fish of one kind than the other sort of speak, so my clients have not been getting a lot of mixed boxes here lately. Needless to say, they have not been disappointed in their box of keeper fish to take home either. Limits have been easy on both reds & drum, but the conditions dictate as to which bay system I fish.

For those of you that like to fish with live croaker, the season is just around the corner and I'm looking forward to a change of pace.

Until next time,
Remember when the cards are down and the bet is called, You have your Ace in the Hole.

Fishing Report 4 / 01 / 09

We have seen quite a few changes here in the Rockport area since my last report. We actually received some beneficial rain, good tidal flow, and quite a bit of wind just to name a few. Trout have been a little slow because of numerous reasons, but they seem to always be slow this time of year as a whole. Give it a little more time for our weather patterns to "settle down" and we should see our trout bite pick up by the middle of April or so. Redfish and black drum on the other hand have been FANTASTIC for me and my clients depending upon our weather conditions, water levels, and which bay I decide to fish. Many factors actually dictates as to which bay I fish for these two species. (One bay system holds more fish of one kind than the other) Most days though I have been concentrating on reds because they have been so easy for me to put a great box of fish together for my clients. Limits before noon have been the norm, while some have been even sooner! Redfish have been wanting live mullet or fresh shrimp, while the drum don't seem to want anything besides peeled shrimp.

If you're looking for some real rod bending action and not having to work real hard for it, now is the time you should be considering coming down and seeing me.

I doubt you'll leave disappointed.

Until next time,
Remember when the cards are down and the bet is called, you have your Ace in the Hole.